Now there's help from above!

A.A.B.T   (Arial Application Broadcast Treatment)

Especially beneficial for:
  • Nurseries

  • Turf Grass Farms

  • Golf Courses

  • Municipalities


We can offer our customers located in quarantined areas an effective, economical method of treating the Red Imported Fire Ant. We aerially broadcast bait products, such as Amdro to areas that would take days to cover by ground (or that may not even be accessible by ground). This gets the job done much quicker, and frees your time for other task.

Bait programs will usually give 80 - 90% control.

Map of Quarentined Areas

Prices start at around $16 per acre for material and application. So call today and let us put together a bait program for your business today

Fireant History and Facts